Urinary Catheters

This high intensity program is delivered by AHPRA Registered Nurses.

Our program provides staff with the knowledge and skills to replace and dispose of bags and monitoring health of people using indwelling and suprapubic catheters. This is part of a general support worker role.

In some situations, a support worker may assist a practitioner with insertion by assisting with gathering and passing equipment*

Support workers are required to be trained by an appropriate health practitioner such as a registered nurse and follow a care plan developed and overseen by a health practitioner before providing supports.

Course outcomes:

  • Follow infection control procedures
  • Replace and dispose of catheter bags
  • Maintain charts and records and complete progress notes
  • Monitor catheter position
  • Monitor and report skin condition
  • Recognise, respond and report blockages, dislodged catheters.
  • Recognise, respond and report signs of deterioration of health or signs of infection

On successful completion, staff will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the urinary system, hydration, types of catheters, procedures and challenges of catheters, common complications, indications of complications that require interventions, when to report to the RN/health practitioner, changing bags and more!

This program is benchmarked against the NDIS skill descriptors and practice standards. Fun and engaging, this program ensures staff members complete the program with the knowledge and foundational skills to support clients according to the NDIS skill descriptors and practice standards.

Our programs are useful for audit, registration, and re-registration purposes. Certificate of completion provided by the Director of Clinical Education – Registered Nurse.

Online theory followed by practical workshops at our Gold Coast Laboratory. Our Clinical Nurse Educators are also able to travel to Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Redlands, Cairns, Townsville, and anywhere in Queensland.

These programs are usually delivered to groups. Contact us today for a quote.

Course Information

  • Duration

    3 Hours

  • Online Theory

    1.5 Hours

  • Practical

    1.5 Hours

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