Manual Handling

This program is tailored for personal care workers/nurses/support workers and others requiring to assist clients with movement.

In every workplace, workers are exposed to day to day activities which involve some kind of manual handling, some more hazardous than others. These tasks are a common cause of injury in the workplace, and as such, understanding how to undertake these tasks safely is imperative. Without manual handling training, employees can make mistakes and even suffer serious injury. This is especially true if an employee is around hazardous substances or activities.

This training in this course allows you to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required to firstly recognise potentially hazardous manual tasks and the sources of risks and risk factors. Then prepare for and apply controls to complete these tasks using manual handling techniques which support safe work practice.

You will also learn about the function of the body in movement and performing manual tasks, the importance of posture and positioning of the body and how to recognise symptoms of an injury and report it.

The skills in this course are applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice such as the Hazardous manual tasks code of practice applies.

Use of equipment:

Students will be required to use hoists, slide sheets, electronic operated beds, manikins, wheelchairs, walkers, other walking aids and more.

Conducted by our clinical nurse educators, students will be required to complete the following:

Performance tasks 

Using multiple scenarios, demonstrate each of the following for each of the scenarios:

  • Identify a manual task involving risk
  • Undertake risk assessment and discuss with the educator
  • Prepare for the manual task
  • Safely complete the manual task
  • Document the task was completed

Theory assessment – An online quiz consisting of multiple-choice question and short answer questions to be completed before attending the face to face workshop. The student must complete all questions

Course Information

  • Duration

    2.5 Hours

  • Online Theory

    1 Hour

  • Practical

    1.5 Hours

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