Pressure Care and Wound Management

The Wound Education Program provides  comprehensive education on best practice in wound prevention, assessment and management. Taught by AHPRA Registered Nurses, this program is tailored towards supports workers working within the NDIS or aged care.

Employers must have robust policies and procedures around the scope of practice for support staff to provide wound care.

This program consists of modules on the fundamentals of wound management including:
– Threats to skin integrity
– Wound healing physiology
– Holistic approaches to assessment and management
– Pressure area care
– Chronic wounds
– Infection management
– Pressure Injuries prevention
– Product application, tips and tricks
– Case studies, documentation, what to report and when.

This is a workshop program generally for staff you have worked within the industry for a period of 12 months.

Students will have access to mannequins and equipment to practice pressure area care and provide basic wound care as part of a wound management plan created by a Registered Nurse.

Course Information

  • Practical

    1.5 Hours

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