Mental Health Training

Mental Health illness is prevalent within our society and more and more nurses and support workers are required to have knowledge on how to support people with mental health illness.

Our mental health workshops are designed and taught by our mental health nurses who have significant experience in the public mental health system, forensic and corrections nursing.

Our programs can be tailored to meet the requirements of your nurses and support workers including:

  • De-escalation techniques
  • Behavioural Support Planning
  • Understanding of mental illness
  • Appropriate documentation
  • Conducting a mental state exam
  • Nursing and support interventions
  • Referral and assessments

All programs have a mandatory skills workshop that involves role plays, case studies and practicals. On successful completion of our program participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Course Information

  • Duration

    3 Day Course

  • Online Theory

    8 Hours

  • Practical

    16 Hours

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